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AI: The Technology Penicillin Of The 21st Century  Forbes

The title of this article comes from one of many memorable (and tweetable) lines I heard from one of the speakers at IBM's THINK 2019 conference in San ...

Making smart homes less expensive with new technology  Digital Journal

Turning a conventional home into a 'smart home' can be become easier, and a less expensive, due to new technology developed by Canada's University of ...

Cancer technology update |  Komando

Regular Komando on Demand guest Dr. Cullen Taniguchi of MD Anderson Cancer Center talks about developments in radiation technology that are giving ...

District using new technology to pinpoint location of wireless 911 calls  Washington Post

The District is using new technology to more precisely pinpoint the location of people who use smartphones to call 911, a shift aimed at getting first responders to ...

How safe is microwave technology?  Mail Tribune

Oregon is facing an unprecedented environmental challenge: wireless technology. Our cellphones, towers, “smart” meters, security systems, routers, etc. expose ...

Technology in Cricket: 'To be or not to be, is the question'

The introduction of technology into cricket has not been a smooth one. The phrase "to err is human" was precisely why cricketers and cricket administrators ...

Glimpsing the future at gargantuan health technology showcase  Herald-Mail Media

ORLANDO, Fla. — Imagine going to the doctor and finding out before you leave the exam room how much your prescribed drug will cost, avoiding sticker shock ...

Is the era of artificial speech translation upon us?  The Guardian

Once the stuff of science fiction, technology that enables people to talk using different languages is now here. But how effective is it?

Can Technology Solve Brexit When Wifi Doesn't Work?  Bloomberg

From her home office close to the Irish border, Catriona Curran can spend up to eight hours struggling to e-mail documents to the U.S. She has a hard time ...

Technology is influencing how people hear | News  Enid News & Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Digital technology started to have revolutionary effects on hearing aids in 2006. Greg Kuykendall, a managing partner at Kuykendall Hearing Aid ...

Magnet survey: Northeast Ohio manufacturers are behind the times in technology  Crain's Cleveland Business

A new survey from Magnet found that local manufacturers weren't exactly embracing new technologies like the Internet of Things or additive manufacturing.

Turning Steve Jobs’ life into opera: Balancing man, myth and the technology that changed everything  GeekWire

It was not the project that Mark Campbell had been dreaming about. “It was actually Mason Bates, the composer, who suggested the idea of Steve Jobs as an ...

The grip of technology  Trinidad News

My Internet has been down since the morning of February 7 and, at the time of writing this on February 14, the problem was ongoing. So much for the "we will ...

China leads the way in legal technology patents, new figures show  Financial Times

Chinese courts livestream trials and let claimants file cases and resolve disputes online.

UK security chiefs: Huawei risk in 5G can be contained  The Guardian

UK security chiefs have advised that the risk of using Huawei technology in the new superfast 5G could be contained despite US warnings about opening the ...

The technology behind OpenAI's fiction-writing, fake-news-spewing AI, explained  MIT Technology Review

The language model can write like a human, but it doesn't have a clue what it's saying.

City considering adding AC, new technology to pavilion  The Decatur Daily

City officials want to cool down Ingalls Harbor Pavilion during the summer heat with a new air conditioning unit and other changes that could cost $750000.

Better Know A THON Committee: Technology  Onward State

The one thing that separates Technology from the rest of the THON committees is that they don't have any committee members, only captains.

How to Break Down Silos and Leverage Platform Technology  Government Technology

Local governments have historically relied on siloed software systems to store data. This approach produces redundancy and errors. The modern solution lies in ...

The era of self-regulation for technology companies is coming to an end

The safety of the internet has been at the forefront of people's minds in recent weeks.

Tokyo Testing Technology That Predicts Tornados 30 Minutes In Advance  Ubergizmo

New technology is being tested in the Tokyo metropolitan area which is capable of predicting downpours and tornados 30 minutes in advance. The hope is that ...

Bengals & Microsoft Bring Real-Time Technology to the Field

The Bengals enjoy an enhanced partnership with Microsoft to bring technology to the field so that coaches, analysts and players can access real-time data from ...

Sponsored - The X-Factor with XUV300: Technology

Today's car buyer wants their car to be loaded with gadgets and technology and the Mahindra XUV300 has both - and how! Everything from safety related tech ...

“The Milky Way Base” –China Names First Human-Technology Landing Site on Moon’s Far Side  The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel

China has named the landing site of its Chang'e-4 lunar probe “Statio Tianhe” –after the Chinese name for the Milky Way Galaxy for the first-ever soft landing on ...

Halliburton at 100: From wagons and mules to 21st century technology  Houston Chronicle

Houston oilfield *service* company has turned 100 years old, going from wagons and mules to 21st century technology.

Agriculture, energy and technology on Argentine president's agenda during India visit  Times of India

India News: NEW DELHI: It may be Mauricio Macri's first visit to India, but the Argentine president has met Prime Minister Narendra Modi at least three times in t.

2020 Corollas offer safety technology, gas-friendly edition | Guam Business  The Guam Daily Post

The sales team at AK Toyota is inviting the community to come down and test-drive its new batch of 2020 Corollas. Dontana Keraskes/The Guam Daily Post.

What’s a piece of technology you can’t imagine doing business without?  SFGate

A: Real estate today moves at the speed of information. This is especially true in San Francisco's market, where both buyers and sellers are connected and on ...

US is behind China in the marketing of 5G, former Obama-era national security advisor says  CNBC

The United States is behind China in promoting its 5G technologies across the world with officials only just "waking up" to its potential, a former U.S. national ...

At studio, Harvard College senior celebrates potential of AR/VR technology  Harvard Gazette

Harvard College senior Connor Doyle manages the coolest and least-known high-tech playground on campus: the Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality studio at ...

Altmeier urges EU to protect technology from Chinese buyers  Financial Times

Germany spearheads effort with France to reform competition law after Alstom-Siemens veto.

Analysis | The Technology 202: Is the FTC powerful enough to be an effective privacy cop? New report raises questions  The Washington Post

GAO report may encourage lawmakers to give the agency more power.

Next C.H. Robinson CEO says technology is transforming freight business  Star Tribune

Eden Prairie-based C.H. Robinson last week announced that its chief operating officer, Bob Biesterfeld, would assume the role of president and chief executive ...

Parliamentary report set to savage ‘duplicitous’ Facebook  The Guardian

Westminster will also urge investigation into foreign meddling in UK elections.

AI text writing technology too dangerous to release, creators claim  The Drum

An artificially intelligent system trained to mimic natural human language has been deemed too dangerous to release by its creators.

Mozambique, eSwatini ink technology, education MoU - English

Published on 17.02.2019 at 14h21 by APA News. Share. The governments of Mozambique and Eswatini have agreed to cooperate in the fields of science and ...

O's pitchers welcoming high-tech revolution

SARASOTA, Fla. -- Like so many pitchers in Major League camps, Orioles hurlers have extra sets of eyes on them this spring. The Edgertronic cameras, perched ...

New Website Generates Fake Photos of People Using AI Technology  My Modern Met

This Person Does Not Exist is a website that takes advantage of StyleGANs and AI techology to generate fake photos of people when refreshed.

New customs technology blamed for JKIA cargo delays  Business Daily

Kenya Revenue Authority's (KRA) recently installed cargo clearance system has come into sharp focus as delays hit imports shipped in via the Jomo Kenyatta.

Technology in deep time: How it evolves alongside us  BBC News

If we look at technology over very long timescales, our definition of what it is transforms, and as Tom Chatfield argues, it also displays a form of evolution ...

'Way beyond my dreams': Free technology training in Sask. helps unemployed, underemployed find IT jobs  Yahoo News Canada

Adrien Martin was unemployed and felt like he was spinning his wheels, looking for an opportunity to find meaningful work in Saskatoon. Last year's course in ...

Metro Exodus: a vision for the future of graphics technology

The PC version of Metro Exodus is a genuine game-changer for graphics technology - a vision of the way in which developers can take real-time rendering to t…

LessonApp: Resolving the Learning Crisis with the Help of Education Technology  Business Wire

Global education is in crisis. Majority of children do go to school, but the learning results are poor. Teachers in many countries are lacking quality.

We don’t need more technology, we need better ways of using it

I'd like to propose a new scientific institution: the IUT, or Institute of Underrated Technology. Rather than trying to invent yet more bloody things, it…

How smart are Gmail’s ‘smart replies’?  The Guardian

When Seamas O'Reilly responded to all his emails for a week using only Smart Reply, our columnist's messages suddenly became spookily jaunty. Did his ...

AAF’s larger bet relates to gambling technology  NBC Sports

On the surface, it's hard to understand how the Alliance of American Football will turn a profit. The TV deals are far from lucrative, the attendance has been ...

Silver unveils 'smart jersey' at All-Star Technology Summit

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- NBA commissioner Adam Silver has opened the annual All-Star Technology Summit by touting the "smart jersey of the future.".

The Next Era of Globalization Will Be Shaped by Customers, Technology, and Value Chains Daily

If you ask the average CEO what's making them lose sleep these days, it's a good bet that the answer will be tariffs and trade wars. One-third of respondents in a ...

RTD lacks technology that might have prevented Aurora derailment that severed woman's leg  The Denver Channel

RTD has technology that can automatically stop its light-rail trains from colliding with each other, but the transit agency doesn't have the ability to slow a train ...

Welcome to Techathlon: The most fun technology podcast ever created  Popular Science

Listen to our new technology podcast every Monday.

Walmart is putting trailers equipped with VR technology in its parking lots, with plans to bring it to stores  CNBC

This marks the official launch of Spatial&, a VR tech company that's been growing in stealth mode for the past year under Walmart's incubator Store No. 8.

Designer Rami Kadi: 'My DNA is fashion technology'  The National

The Lebanese-American designer talks to us about his penchant for fashion technology hours ahead of his haute couture debut in Paris.

Self-driving cars take the wheel  MIT Technology Review

Advanced technologies come together to get autonomous vehicles driving safely and efficiently.

OS heavy equipment theft solved with the help of technology  WLOX

Technology can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse, but in this case, check the blessing category. High-tech helped Ocean Springs police solve a crime ...

Technology makes adaptive golf accessible to disabled  AZ Big Media

It was 22 years ago when Navy veteran Diego Suazo was the victim of a shooting that changed his life. Suazo was at a New Year's party with his family when he ...

AI is reinventing the way we invent  MIT Technology Review

The biggest impact of artificial intelligence will be to help humans make discoveries we couldn't make on our own.

Technology’s dark forest  TechCrunch

We used to be such optimists. Technology would bring us a world of wealth in harmony with the environment, and even bring us new worlds. The Internet would ...

New technology could stop school shootings before they begin  WPLG Local 10

Seventeen lives were lost when a gunman entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School almost a year ago and opened fire, but what if the shooting could ...

Technology Startup Apricart Wants To Revolutionize The Grocery Business For Consumers And Retailers  Forbes

Apricart is a technology leader that wants to leverage the grocery cart to drive sales and learn about customer behavior in real time.

AWS is powering TuSimple's long-range perception technology  Business Insider

It's another sign that Amazon is making serious moves into autonomous vehicles, which have the potential to cut serious labor costs.

Explainer: What is quantum communication?  MIT Technology Review

Researchers and companies are creating ultra-secure communication networks that could form the basis of a quantum internet. This is how it works.

Watch a harpoon successfully spear a piece of space junk  MIT Technology Review

This is the third in a series of successful space-trash cleanup tests by the RemoveDEBRIS spacecraft.

Pro football league AAF is using technology that may revolutionize pro sports and gambling  USA TODAY

Pro football league AAF is based on sports gambling data and technology that use football as its public storefront and laboratory.

Large teams develop and small teams disrupt science and technology

One of the most universal trends in science and technology today is the growth of large teams in all areas, as solitary researchers and small teams diminish in ...

Govt blocking breakthrough technology that could make New Zealand predator-free  Newshub

There's a major roadblock within the Beehive over the role genetic engineering (GE) could play in a predator-free New Zealand by 2050. Conservation Minister ...

Center for Democracy and Technology CEO on Kara Swisher podcast  Recode

On the latest episode of Recode Decode, Recode's Kara Swisher spoke with Nuala O'Connor — the president and CEO of the Center for Democracy and ...

Reducing Our Tech Addiction Is The Next Big Tech Trend, And Why We Desperately Need It  India Times

A few months ago, an app named Calm managed to hit a $250 million valuation after a new funding round. One of the investors is a company set up by ...

Will Technology Kill Or Save The High Street?  Forbes

Just weeks after British retailers suffered major losses during the festive period, new research shows that 39 percent of Britons would “not care” if all high street ...

Can 'Big Brother' technology clean up palm oil's image?

Some of the world's major palm oil users, including Nestle, Unilever, and Mondelez, are trying out new satellite technology to track deforestation, as pressure ...

Facebook Will Be Supplanted by Technology, but That's Not All Bad News

Technology will relinquish Facebook of the burden of holding all the keys to user data. It will be good for the company, its investors, and society....FB.

World-class oil paintings blighted by 'art acne'  Daily Mail

Works by Georgia O'Keeffe and Rembrandt are among the hundreds of works blighted by the condition. But now a team at Northwestern University in Chicago ...

The Troubling Trajectory Of Technological Singularity  Forbes

As the machine intelligence explosion seems inevitable, the troubling trajectory of technological singularity forces us to think seriously about what we want as a ...

Latest bomb disposal technology revives Rawalpindi’s Civil Defence

Established in 1956 under the 1952 Civil Defence Act, Rawalpindi's Civil Defence Department was formed to provide support to civilians in times of war and ...

Here's What Technology Modernization Fund Dollars Are Doing Now  Nextgov

Three projects have awarded contracts so far and two have already spent a combined $6 million to date.

Trump has a plan to keep America first in artificial intelligence  MIT Technology Review

The president will launch the “American AI Initiative” with an executive order.

This is why AI has yet to reshape most businesses  MIT Technology Review

For many companies, deploying AI is slower and more expensive than it might seem.

An insect-bot mimics desert ants by looking at the sky to navigate  MIT Technology Review

A new robot can navigate without GPS, using the same light-sensing abilities as desert ants.

Use modern technology for youth's benefits: Yogi  United News of India

Uniindia: Lucknow, Feb 17 (UNI) Advocating use of innovative ideas to the development of the state, Uttar Pradesh government Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ...

Punjab CM Inaugurates Plaksha University to Pioneer Transformation of Technology Education in India  Business Wire India

Inaugurating India's first next-generation engineering university in the country, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh, today, laid the ...

Top Five Digital Health Technologies in 2019  Forbes

For 2019, we asked companies around the world one basic question: “Please indicate the key technology which you believe will have the most profound impact ...

ForestONE Coin Tokenized Using Blockchain Technology Under Stellar Consensus Protocol  TechBullion

Singapore Island, Singapore – Feb 2019, ForestONE Coin commences today via online as it opens its platform to access the advantages of digital currency ...

Laverne Cox asked if she ‘could be pregnant’ by x-ray technology

Orange Is The New Black actress Laverne Cox proved to have a great sense of humour this weekend when an x-ray machine asked if there was 'a chance she ...

DC 911 call center using new technology to pinpoint, send help to caller's exact location  FOX 5 DC

A few months ago, DC's 911 call center installed what's called RAPID S.O.S.-- a technology so precise it can pinpoint a caller's exact location.

Amazon Is Pushing Facial Technology That a Study Says Could Be Biased  The New York Times

Over the last two years, Amazon has aggressively marketed its facial recognition technology to police departments and federal agencies as a *service* to help law ...

Russia considers 'unplugging' from internet  BBC News

Russia is considering whether to disconnect from the global internet briefly, as part of a test of its cyber-defences. The test will mean data passing between ...

More than 26 million people have taken an at-home ancestry test  MIT Technology Review

As many people purchased consumer DNA tests in 2018 as in all previous years combined, MIT Technology Review has found.

Can this technology put an end to bullying?  BBC News

Bullying can cast a dark shadow over people's lives and leave permanent scars, but artificial intelligence may provide new ways of stamping our harassment ...

Deep learning hope and hype  MIT Technology Review

Both the progress and the hype around cutting-edge machine learning techniques were on vivid display at the December 2018 NeurIPS Conference in Montreal, ...

ASML Is Becoming A Strategic Asset For The Future Of Technology  Seeking Alpha

ASML is finally reaping the rewards of years of investments in R&D. The company has outperformed its industry and the market for the last 10 years, and we ...

Is Oumuamua Asteroid Acting Like Cutting-Edge 'Light Sail' Technology?  Sputnik International

The alleged asteroid Oumuamua has been the subject of heated debates in scientific circles for over a year now, with both alien-related and more traditional ...

In a world dominated by technology, empathy is becoming a lost art. That's why THIS program matters so much  Fox News

Sam Goto, a teenager with Koolen de Vries syndrome (KdVS), endured developmental delays as a child and as a result, a deep sense of loneliness.

'We proved Amazon wrong': activists celebrate Bezos retreat from Queens  The Guardian

Abrupt collapse of company's plans seen as a milestone victory for leftwing insurgents over Democrats who backed the deal.

This robot can melt and re-form its legs to change how it walks  MIT Technology Review

It can produce different walking styles by melting and then re-solidifying its structure, helping it get around obstacles.

Patients and Providers Turn to Voice Technology in Healthcare  Everyday Health

The popularity of voice-activated or smart speakers has surged since Amazon rolled out its Echo device and Alexa virtual assistant in November 2014. Usage of ...

Breaking Into the “New Collar” Technology Workforce  Dice Insights

If you've been thinking about pursuing a career in technology, but fear that a lack of bachelor's degree will hold you back, a “new collar” job could provide the ...

Transportation technology firm begins work on Peachtree City headquarters  The

Efforts that will lead to the construction of the new headquarters for Peachtree City-based transportation technology company SMC3 (Southern Motor Carriers ...

Is modern technology the main reason behind the 'sex recession?'

Research shows that fewer Americans are having sex.

This New Solar Technology Means In Future All Buildings Could Be Energy Self-Sufficient  Bisnow

Buildings could soon become energy self-sufficient as solar technology advances.

Revealed: Facebook enables ads to target users interested in 'vaccine controversies'  The Guardian

Social media platforms under pressure by US congressman to crack down on anti-vaccine propaganda, citing Guardian investigations.

The Green New Deal Needs These 5 Cutting-Edge Energy Innovations To Succeed  Popular Mechanics

The Green New Deal proposed by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey is ambitious, which it must be if it's going to combat climate change. But reaching ...